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Contact Us By Phone, Email or Mobile
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Learn Payroll Consultancy Services
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Sage Micropay Training, Installations & Consultancy
Sage Quickpay Training, Installations & Consultancy
Quantum Payroll Training, Installations & Consultancy
Payroll Software Installations, Re-installations & Consultancy
Payroll Training Course
NEW Guide to Irish Payroll
Have you recently purchased or thinking about purchasing payroll software such as Sage One, Sage Micropay
or Quantum Payroll?

Our experts specialise in payroll software, combining an in depth knowledge of the Irish taxation system with the
technical skills required to get the job done. You can trust our team of specialists to guide you through each and
every step from installation to processing your first pay period. We are affordable, helpful, polite and most importantly, trustworthy. We offer the following services,
Payroll Software Installations, Setup, Training, Advanced Setup & End of Year Processing.

Regardless of what payroll software package you use, it is essential your software is setup correctly, not just from
a technical view point, but most importantly from a statutory one. Implementing a process from the beginning
greatly reduces problems later on, such as incorrect employee and/or employer returns.

Here at Learn Payroll Consultancy Services, we provide training in all aspects of payroll software to all small and
medium sized businesses, providing all the tools you will need to efficiently and correctly manage your payroll software system.

We have experience in the following payroll software systems,
Sage One, Sage Micropay, Quantum
, Big Red Book, Thesaurus
, + others.

Topics we cover include;

> Installation, Setup & login
> Adding employees, their details and information required to do so accurately.
> Setup of payments & deductions (Pensions, PRSA's etc.)
> Setting a new period. (reports and figures to check first)
> Timesheet entry.
> Payslips (preview and printing).
> Producing statutory reports to include P30, P45, P60's etc.
> Setup and creation of paypath files.
> Setup and creation of ROS files
> Nominal Ledger setup and file export creation
> Timesheet / Clockcard import & setup
> Multi-timesheet & job costing
> Ad Hoc report creation

Please contact us if you wish to
book a training day. We come to your office, at a time that suits you.
€195 + vat per half day
© Learn Payroll Consultancy Services 2017
> Payroll software installations
> Payroll software reinstallations
> Payroll data recovery
> Network Installations
> Workstation/Multi-User setup
> Clock card/data import setup
> Nominal setup
> Adhoc report creation
> Software training for beginners
> Software training for advanced

Services include but or not limited to those listed above.
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